How We Work

We understand that you need
  • accurate, safe and secure yet easy data entry and transfer, internally and externally.
  • recognisable, tangible benefits in terms of improved business processes and outputs in return for your investment.
  • exceptional customer service and interaction with speed and efficiency.
  • more intuitive knowledge for greater clarity and informed decision making.
  • an enhanced culture that promotes the experience and effectiveness of your employees, with career progression and personal development opportunities.
  • to optimise how your people work.


We also understand that you do not need
  • cumbersome data entry processes.
  • time wasted on duplicated data entry.
  • dissatisfied customers, employees, management or stakeholders.
  • vague, budget-busting investment requirements up front.
  • protracted contract tie-ins with a lack of transparency of progress or proof of return on investment. is on a mission to offer every organisation the opportunity to capitalise on intelligent automation, seamless integration of IT applications, and fast data connectivity to
  • supercharge your organisation’s IT ecosystem
  • increase performance visibility, data clarity and agile decision making
  • increase efficiency and productivity of your people and resources.

We deliver agile, responsive and intuitive secure technology solutions, services & support with a particular focus on Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Dynamics, in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors, often working with low or no-code for speed and low level disruption.

We always audit the technology and processes you have in place first to see what can be enhanced rather than replacing the whole system with an off-the-shelf solution.

Because every one of our clients, you being no exception, has their own organisational performance criteria, challenges and resources, we tailor all our solutions to suit your input and output requirements, making your IT work harder for you, your people and your stakeholders.

We use the same 6 step approach every time, because we know it works.

Our approach allows us to

  • understand the true goal of the project as well as the challenges involved.
  • assess how day-to-day processes work and where gaps or blockages might be present.
  • ensure your team know what is happening when and can test out the solutions we develop before it goes ‘live’.
  • help mitigate the potential risks both financially and for key technological buy-in.
  • access the right technology for you, your people and your profitability.
  • maximise your investment already in place with Microsoft solutions and technology.

We pride ourselves on exceeding our customers’ expectations every time in terms of design, implementation, performance and support, which is why many of our clients work with us for the long term, discover new business opportunities and increase their overall productivity.

We have many years of experience working in secure environments, such as Government and military security. So you can be sure that there is nothing more important than your data sensitivity and safety.

We are a people centric team, which means every member of has an unwavering commitment to our clients, our supply chain and each other, with the experience and drive to deliver outcomes aligned to your organisation.

One Consistent Approach

Irrelevant of the objective or the client, we work with one consistent approach every time; because we know it works.

Our approach allows us to

  • clearly identify the output targets required by the organisation.
  • understand the challenges of the current IT ecosystem and users at ground level.
  • be transparent with our clients as to the solution we have created, the benefits it will offer. and model a simulated solution for you to demo, giving you absolute visibility and confidence in our approach.
  • test run and adapt based on results to ensure when the system goes ‘live’ it delivers success quickly and efficiently.
  • continuous improvement of the overall IT ecosystem longer term.

Our consistent and agile approach offers the ability to make changes up front, and ensures no hidden costs, creating a path to integration, automation & connecting data with your people’s systems and processes.

Get to know us

The launch of brought together a passion for bettering the workplace and the lives of those in it, whilst driving organisational success, performance, and protecting our planet where we have influence.

Our founding partners, Caleb and Stuart, found their work lives had crossed paths on and off for many years, discovering their alignment not only in the skills they have honed along the way but also the legacy they wanted to leave behind.

Their joint priority for

  • Social responsibility – driving a different, positive impact in the workplace, in our industry, for people, profit and the planet.
  • Culture – embracing inclusivity, diversity, fair and ethical conduct at all times, with a collective responsibility within organisations and the full supply chain.
  • Valuing people – actively creating a diverse team, investing in the health & wellbeing of their teams and launching the apprenticeship programme flows throughout the team, the culture of the business as a whole, as well as into the wider world through technology.

We are proud to be Silver level Microsoft partners, continuously active within the Dynamics & Power BI communities, and experts in Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Power Platforms.

Today, is made up of dynamic and diverse individuals who are dedicated to making lives easier through technology.

Use our experience and expertise to your advantage

We care about our customers and want to be there for them when they need us.

That’s why we strive to be the go-to partner for technology, advice and implementation.

Caleb Mohon – Chief Executive Officer


If your people feel more successful doing the work they love, they are happier and more productive. 

Positive contribution to society, more meaningful lives.


Stuart Evans – Chief Technology Officer

Our Values

  • systematic & consistent approach
  • partnerships
  • risk sharing, transparency and mitigation
  • inquisitive nature
  • solution driven
  • empowerment
  • connectivity
  • making lives easier
  • culture – inclusivity, diversity, ESG
  • active responsibility